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Final Fantasy Type-0
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5th-Aug-2015 09:05 pm - Memories (Machina/Rem)
random: memory
Title: Memories
Genre: romance, slice-of-life-ish
Pairing: Machina/Rem
Rating: PG-13-ish
Disclaimer: The story written is mine - everything else (characters, canon references etc.) belong to Square Enix!
Summary: He is so sad for his loss but he is also happy that he can finally remember. He remembers.
Warning/Comments: Warning for spoilers concerning the ending of Type-0!! Written for yukitsubute for my drabble challenge (here.), beta-read by ivenclaire

Read it HERE.
15th-Jul-2014 05:55 pm - English Voice Actors Revealed So Far
Hello! First post on LJ, so apologies if I'm doing anything wrong. Another voice actor revealed themselves today so I thought I would create a list of everyone who's been confirmed so far!

Matthew Mercer - Chrom (Fire Emblem Awakening) / Levi (Attack on Titan) - Trey
Cristina Vee - Noel Vermillion (Blazblue) / Four (Drakenguard 3) - Cinque
Orion Acaba - Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney) / Jonathan (Shin Megami Tensei IV) - Nine
Cassandra Morris - Edea (Bravely Default) / Kyubey (Madoka) - Mutsuki
Robbie Daymond - Tuxedo Mask (Viz Media Original Sailor Moon Redub) / SwaySway (Breadwinners) - Kurasame
Bryce Papenbrook - Zidane (Dissidia Final Fantasy) / Eren (Attack on Titan) - Machina
Anyone’s interested in Multiplay Type-0 (English) via Hamachi and PPSSPP?

Just so you know, Type-0 already has been English patched, and we can play it in our PC/android with PPSSPP Emulator. You can download it here: www.ppsspp.org/downloads.html. The English patched ISO is here: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=563328

And the interesting thing is, it supports online multiplay! You just have to follow this tutorial: http://forums.ppsspp.org/showthread.php?tid=8148

Here is the demo multiplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOn4hvqYIXM

So I’m here if anyone wants to play the game with me, I use Hamachi. My network:



Hope to see you guys soon ^_^
21st-Nov-2012 04:55 pm - Operation Suzaku
Aeris - GTFO

Some of you may have heard or seen about a petition going around about trying to get Type-0 localized, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well to help spread the word.

The petition is called Operation Suzaku and its goal is to help change SE’s mind about releasing Type-0 outside of Japan. (The focus on this particular petition is only for Type-0.)

I’m sure it may not seem like much but maybe we can at least we might get some answers from them if we get their attention, and there are already over 6,000 signatures!

You can check out their site here or just sign the petition here

In the meantime, keep sending (nice) messages to let them know that we want the game!

Twitter (hashtag #FFTYPE0)

@SQEX_Members_NA, @SQEX_MEMBERS_EU (seems to barely be used though), @PlayStation


Square Enix North America, Square Enix Europe


Square Enix North America, Square Enix Europe

Credit to novacrystallis for the info

3rd-Nov-2012 11:52 am - fic: e c h o
e c h o
class zero, side!96
pg-13, ~1223w
before the end.
a/n: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! Character death. Do not read if you haven't played the game/watched the ending.

sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I'm alright but it's never enough


Hello mods ! I hope you don't mind my format (-人-)

Ahh, I'm so nervous about posting this, I've never written an FF fic before ;-; Also, THERE SHOULD BE MORE FICS ON HERE KD;AKS;LSJDLKASKLA okay I'm done. ARIGATOU NE !
Kurasame will never stop being awesome.

It looks like the fourth (presumed) Heavenly King is named "Kotetsu" (the boy with the light hair and glasses). And who else will show up this time? O_o


I really like the cover page!

Also, the Gangan website now has a preview of chapter 1 in its entirety.


Find out what happens after that infamous incident where something happens to Kurasame and how he is or isn't getting out of it without possibly being horribly embarrassed! Is that enough hedges to make you read it?
1st-Jun-2012 10:16 am(no subject)
sailor moon ▹ minako

 o75  final fantasy + 04 banner

1st-Jun-2012 01:11 am - 84 multi-fandom icons
Aeris - VII
D.Gray-man x 16
Final Fantasy IV (all Palom and Porom) x 05
Final Fantasy IX x 12

Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 x 13
Final Fantasy Type-0 x 11
Infinite x 07
NU'EST x 09
Super Junior x 11

You can see the rest here @ imanat~
Because he is the most awesome teacher who throws students and other people who annoy him into walls ever, Kurasame gets a side-story!


You'd be surprised with the life of young Kurasame...

It seems the other two presumed Heavenly Kings are named "Guren" (yakuza hair) and "Miwa" (the girl). Not totally sure, but I don't think "light-hair-and-glasses" guy's name has been given yet.

[EDIT: Skyress on tumblr has a translated version of the preview HERE. Thanks to phzblue for the link!]

Also, remember to make your desktop pretty with more Type-0 manga wallpapers: http://gangan.square-enix.co.jp/special/custom/index.html#ff_type_0
❰ ffvii ❱ i'll find strength in pain
For those of you who don't know, the Type-0 manga is getting a prequel next month that follows the story of the Four Heavenly Kings of Suzaku!

An image of the Four Heavenly Kings has finally been revealed - click for a bigger view!

Also I recently bought the Type-0 Artbook (for a hefty $63 /sob) so if anybody wants to request pictures of a certain character/summon/location, go ahead and ask and I'll take some photos with my camera. C:
13th-Feb-2012 12:24 am - Type-0 Chapter 4 Update!!!
Check this out!!!
Chapter 4 is already out, I tried my best to capture it to my phone since i don't have scanner,
but still just enjioy it! its in Japanese..

Final Fantasy Type-0 Chapter 4 link is here


7th-Feb-2012 03:32 pm - Type-0 manga chapter 3
Check it out! It came out about a week ago, but here's chapter 3 of the Type-0 manga (in Chinese o_O).


Details on what happened goes here... which is another way of saying 'Spoiler Alert!'Collapse )

You know what I just noticed from this chapter and last chapter? King still hasn't shown up! D=

The next chapter should be out March issue (February 10).
5th-Feb-2012 04:13 am(no subject)
serah❝ the dreamer
Final Fantasy Type-0:18
Final Fantasy VII: 95
Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2: 90
Persona 4: 14
Persona 3: 15
Fire Emblem: 11
Others(see tags):19

more here!
1st-Feb-2012 04:17 pm - Icons
Durarara!!: Shinra Personalized
[14] Final Fantasy Type-0
[05] Durarara!!
[38] Persona 3 and 4 (Sprites)
[13] Persona 3 (Art)
[41] Mass Effect

here at a_butterfly_boy
25th-Jan-2012 08:33 am - Type-0 Artbook Releasing February 23
From Andriasang

"The book includes over 300 pieces of artwork, showing the characters, summons, enemies, air ships, backgrounds and more, much of it previously unreleased.

The book also has a look back at the battles of Class 0, and a collection of player data from Square Enix Members.

Look for the art book on February 23, priced ¥2,940."

images hereCollapse )

[ The Rest Are Here ]

and of course, anyone interested in Type-0 screenshots for their own graphics can find them here. :3 There are 583 taken directly from the videos ripped from the iso~
26th-Dec-2011 04:26 am - Merry X'mas!
❰ ffvii ❱ i'll find strength in pain

(It's still Christmas somewhere in the world, right?) Just wanted to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS, I hope your day is/was great and wonderful! Anybody get anything good as a present? :) Have an amazing New Year as well!
12th-Dec-2011 07:54 pm - Type-0 Manga
❰ ffvii ❱ i'll find strength in pain
Chapter 2 of the manga has been scanned and translated into Chinese~ Even if you can't understand it, just look at it for the prettiness. ^_^ Machina and Rem make their appearance (♥♥♥), and you find out the history of their village and also see their first introduction into Class Zero. There's also an epic battle too~ The next chapter of the manga won't be released until January 12. :)

Read Chapter 2 here!
11th-Dec-2011 09:35 pm - Manga update!
Another preview of the manga was added, which you can view here. It mainly serves to introduce a few more members of Class 0, as well as showcase an epic battle against an infamous enemy from early on in the game.
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